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Easton Town Center

Complex at I-270 and Morse Rd.

For years, Columbus mogul Les Wexner has talked about plans to create a large shopping and entertainment complex, one larger than Columbus has ever seen or even imagined. That complex is Easton, featuring shopping centers, a mall, housing, offices, and more. The Easton Town Center retail and entertainment center is part of that complex, located on Easton Way between Morse Rd. and the Easton exit on I-270.

The Easton Town Center Web site describes itself as:

A leisure time shopping, dining, and entertainment center located in the northeast quadrant of Columbus. The towering glass and white metal building is Easton Station, home to indoor shopping and entertainment. The centrally located Town Square is an outdoor shopping area that features Georgian architecture with distinct storefronts and retailers.

The complex features both indoor and outdoor retail, restaurant, and entertainment venues...with about 30 faces new to Columbus.

A scheduled expansion of the existing 750,000 square feet of retail space will expand the Town Center streetscape, with pedestrian walkways, storefronts, green space, and more.

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