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Letters and salutations

Before the invention of telephones, the letter correspondence took an important role in lives of ordinary and extraordinary people. But even a few lines of a personal correspondence can tell you more about a sender, than if someone else would write the person's detailed biography. .The letters of many world literature classics are collected and issued in thick book volumes, which are not just the manuscript autographs, so as every letter of any person contains not only important information about his private life and his surrounding environment.

.Personal correspondence - is the individual's thoughts and emotional relief. Often, it may be a soul confession. Because of, exactly in letters the spontaneity and frankness of the sender can be seen. Some short note or message can recreate the person's character features, his circle or interests, attitude to the events, as well as his intensions and attitude to an addressee.

It's interesting to read people's letters, so as you can revive the writer's feelings, see events and understand the world through his eyes. . .In different historical periods the writing style of letters and messages was different.

There were specials guides for letters writing, where people could find the examples of letters of personal and business correspondence. Later on, the "letter" became a tool of business, professional, private and friendly communication. . .Often, through the letters you can get a vivid imagination of an interlocutor, and the monologue turns to be like some kind of dialogue, where the sender and receiver have some interesting way of interaction and it looks like they have a vis-a-vis conversation. Letter is really a good tool to get to know the person better, since it's usually easier to write about some things, than talk about it face-to-face.

.During the XX century the genres of letter had to survive some serious changes. The stream of private correspondence became very low in comparison with the previous decades.

Though, by the end of second millennium and beginning of third one, new informational technologies and appearance of electronic mail have given a strong impulse to the renascence of the private correspondence. .With the appearance of the e-mail phenomenon the personal letters combine both, business and friendly styles. Such greetings like Good day, Hi, Hello can "co-exist" with addressing like Respectable, Dear. The correspondence became more dialogue-like with the appearance of the fabulous net-invention, such as smiles :) and other funky faces and symbols.

.At the same time style of writing becomes freer. High speed of letters exchange influences on frequentness of the communication, what makes corresponding people to feel better the tie between them and have stronger emotions. .As it was told before, now the correspondence has a mixed style character, but still it has some sort of a common template, that mostly is similar for many countries. Though, in some places people can be more expressive in their letters and in some places less.

For example, Russian women are very sensual and passionate by their nature. Hence, they are more explicit and emotional in their letters than, for example women in some other western or eastern countries. It worth saying that the more emotional the person is the easier it is to read him, and the more sincere he is. .Salutation - how you greet the addressee depends upon the intimacy of your relationship or it can tell how strong the attraction between two corresponding persons is.

In general, people in CIS are quite straight. They only say what they think and feel. It's good to know this if you are in correspondence with a one of the beautiful women from some of the post-Soviet country, since all this is about the difference in mentality. So, if in her letter she says, Hello my dear, it really means that she appreciates your relationship and wishes that you could be a dearest person to her.

If, in the end of the letters she sends you her Warmest regards, it means that she wants to be closer to you, in order you could feel her warmth. I'm impatiently waiting for your answer - says that she often thinks about you and that your letters became a part of her life. Well, such thing as Kiss means that you became closer to one another and you are having a higher stage in your relationship. And love in the end of the letter just means that it's nothing else, but love ?.


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