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Polaris Fashion Place

Central Ohio's Largest Mall

It's here! After referendums and tax increment financing struggles and threats, Central Ohio's largest mall, Polaris Fashion Place, is now open on Polaris Parkway in Delaware County on the northern edge of Columbus.

This 1.5 million square foot mall will be "the most upscale mall in the region" with stores on two levels and over 700,000 square feet of mixed retail and restaurants on surrounding land. Of the approximately 150 stores, Polaris Fashion Place will feature at least 70 stores new to Central Ohio. Polaris Fashion Place is located near the Polaris Parkway exit on I-71, just north of I-270.

The Columbus Dispatch reported in November, 1999 that the mall interior:
Will resemble a clubhouse finished with stone, wood and carpet and leather chairs and wooden coffee tables.

Overhead glass cupolas will provide the common areas with natural light. The 1,000 seat, 10-tenant food court is being designed to resemble an upscale restaurant, flanked by at least three sit-down restaurants that will be exclusive to the mall. Customers will navigate the two-story mall using three escalators, three elevators and two staircases, more than any other mall in the region, developers say. The quarter-mile long building will have six exterior entrances.

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