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Remembering Disney in General

2008 ushered in the 85th year for the movie giant the world all refers to as Disney in general. Disney, specifically, began very small in 1923. The first productions were called "Alice" comedies, beginning with "Alice's Day at Sea." A lot of folks today have no memory of Alice, but the name Mickey Mouse rings a bell with nearly everyone in the country. Mickey made his debut in Steamboat Willie in 1928 and became an immediate star. He was not alone for long, however, as "siblings" soon followed with regularity.

1930 saw the birth of Pluto; 1932 brought Goofy, and Donald grumbled his way onto movie screens in 1934. These beloved characters made Walt Disney a much mentioned name before the first feature length animated film, Snow White, premiered in 1937. After more than twenty years of attention to animation, Disney introduced the first human actors into one of their films in Song of the South (1945). Not until 1949 did they make a film which was all live action, Treasure Island. Walt Disney continued to offer the public fantastic entertainment right up until he succumbed to lung cancer in 1966. The last release before his demise was Mary Poppins in 1964.

Disney continues to dominate the movie world and has branched out into lots of other areas, including a line of Disney Stores, the Disney Movie Club, the Disney Cruise Lines, and The Disney Theme and Resort Parks. Beginning with the release of Dumbo in 1981, Disney launched a huge home entertainment industry offering videos and video games featuring their most popular movies. Along with their own Walt Disney Studios productions, they market films from their other holdings, such as Miramax, Touchstone, and ABC/Capital Cities. In addition, Disney owns the popular Muppets.

From the first cartoon to the modern computer-animated feature film, Disney has never ceased to fascinate us. Sharing favorite Disney memories with children and grandchildren has become a much anticipated part of parenthood. For millions, there is nothing to equal the moment when you snuggle up on the couch with a dear little one to watch Bambi for the first time.

It is a wonderful way to revisit childhood.

Steve Collins is an Author and Journalist based in Encino. A big Disney fan, he uses Disney Movie Club to fill the gaps in his collection. Read his reviews of Disney Movie Club films.

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