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Unclaimed Baggage Center

Treasure Hunt Among Lost Luggage

There are lots of interesting day trips in the surrounding small towns of Alabama. My favorite is home to the fascinating Unclaimed Baggage Center in Scottsboro, only 40 miles away. "One of the country's best kept shopping secrets," says Oprah Winfrey.

The Unclaimed Baggage Center has been featured on several of the new magazine shows. Recently it was featured on "Good Morning, America." It has been named as one of the Top Ten Shopping Places on the internet. Ever wonder where your lost baggage ends up? It's right there in Scottsboro....and you can buy it back!

Everyone takes a book along on flights, so Unclaimed Baggage has an unlimited variety to choose from. Cameras are another gold mine in this store--your choice of any brand starting at $25! Computers, laptops, clocks, and radios are in the electronics department with hundreds of CD's and cassettes.

Clothing is in good condition. Some are manufacturers' samples and brand-new.

There are a variety of men's suits, London Fog raincoats, women's designer clothing, hats, expensive jewelry, furs, watches, and baby and children's clothing. Infant car seats and strollers are a real bargain. Sports equipment includes tennis rackets, golf clubs, tents, sleeping bags, basketballs, and skis. There's a well-stocked kitchen and house wares department. Every brand of tennis shoes imaginable is stocked on the walls in the upper level. And, of course, they have a wide assortment of luggage!

Everything seems to be in great condition and professionally displayed, making this a unique shopping adventure. If you get hungry, stop in the coffee shop and have a cappuccino and a sandwich while enjoying the rest area. To complete the airport theme, check-out at mock ticket counters and use shopping carts resembling baggage carts.

You might want to make your trip to Scottsboro on "First Monday," a trade day with a 125 year tradition, featuring a blend of antique shows, craft fairs and rummage sales, and attracting several thousand visitors monthly. The event starts on Saturday and Sunday before the "First Monday" of every month.

Or go to Scottsboro during the week when the courthouse is open and research your family roots, tour the antique shops, and the quaint small-town stores. Whatever you decide to do, Scottsboro is worth marking on your calendar for a day of fun and adventure.

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