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WHEN This Happens Here Are Amazing Pregnancy And Baby Tips Part One

NOTE: This is a 2-part article which will provide you with 26 very practical pregnancy and baby tips. You can print this page or simply save it on your pc so that you can refer to it over and over again. Tip #1 When giving your newborn boy a sponge bath, be careful not to pull back on his foreskin. Tip #2 When giving your baby a massage, keep her wrapped in a warm cotton blanket and unwrap each body part when it's ready to be massaged. Tip #3 When exercising for the first three months after childbirth, be careful because your joints may be weak.

Tip #4 When decorating your baby's room, choose latex over oil-based paint, which has toxic fumes. Tip #5 When cleaning your baby's teeth for the first time, you may notice a tiny bit of bleeding from her gums. This is normal and should clear up after a few days. If it doesn't, call your pediatrician. Tip #6 When caring for a newborn, remember to eat nutritious meals for energy.

Tip #7 When buying an infant monitor, get more than one receiver. This way you can plant them in different parts of the house (e.g., the family room, bedroom, deck or patio) instead of having to move one unit all over the house.

Tip #8 When baby is fussy, hold her head to your chest and hum. The combination of your heartbeat and muffled hum will remind her of her womb days, which is calming to baby. Tip #9 When playing with your baby, never throw or shake her too roughly so that her head snaps back and forth. Instead, gently roll around on a rug or blanket and play peek-a-boo or tickle games. Tip #10 When offering your baby her first taste of solid food, give it to her on your finger. It will be more comfortable for her and easier for you to tell if the food is too hot for her little tongue.

Tip #11 When it's time for bed, try walking a fussy baby around the block in the stroller to lull her to sleep. Tip #12 When going off birth control pills, doctors advise waiting three cycles before trying to get pregnant. Tip #13 When a child has a fever, dress him or her comfortably. Do not overdress.

If you have loved these practical tips, be sure not to miss out the 2nd part of this article. You'll simply be blown away! Copyright BabyCareSecrets.com.

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